Designed by Upper cabinets are a little trickier as your side panels will vary depending on if you want them to go to the ceiling, how high your ceilings are and how far off your countertop you want them to be. Cheaper laminated melamine particleboard drawer sides just aren’t as structurally strong, which creates potential for callbacks after installation. … And I painted the cabinets Dorian Grey by Sherwin Williams. PANELS. Take a look at our Douglas Fir Plywood Kitchen below, a concept design using new material on an architectural remodel in Manchester, UK. Get in touch with us to discuss your plywood kitchen ideas and watch whilst we bring them to life! Douglas Fir Plywood, with the same quality properties and core, with a more pronounced grain. The minimalist style, beautifully exposed layers and modern quality all make plywood kitchens a popular choice. Undoubtedly, when you’re researching design options for your new kitchen, you’ll have come across plenty of aspirational examples. plywood: CABINET & MARINE GRADES: One of the most versatile sheet goods, hardwood plywood is used to construct everything from fine furniture and cabinets to shelving. Laminate countertops are in the majority of homes. But, you know what I found out?? The last detail before assembling the carcasses, is adding edge banding. Save this for your shelves later. When compared with the high-street MDF alternatives, Plywood is easier to work with and creates a much more beautiful space that will withstand everyday use and last you for many years to come. Remember that thin strip leftover from step 1 ripping the plywood for base cabinets? LAMINATED FINISH – MARINE PLYWOOD. I glued them together to make a butcherblock style countertop. SOOOO I”m doing over my laundry room and building my own cabinets in your honor! Building your own DIY cabinets is really an easy project to take on and it’s totally doable with just a few basic tools and some good quality plywood. They’re SUPPOSED to be AT LEAST 18 inches from the countertop to the bottom of the upper cabinet. Also, if you choose to install drawers instead of doors, I’ve got a post here showing how to measure for, build, and install drawers. We use birch plywood for all of our kitchen … Kitchen Cabinets … For a detailed guide on how to cut down a plywood sheet, check out this post. You can go without toe kicks, but I am pretty careless and rough on things, so I would be accidentally kicking the bottom of the cabinets constantly and scuffing them up. See, now?