Take a look at all the awesome artists featured in the video! ...The sole person who understood the king, Enkidu. ? Strength: B, Endurance: C, Agility: C, Magic: A, Luck: A Personal Skills However, Lancer blocks the attack by turning their hand into a blade. Later, when Sigma summons Watcher, Lancer is vaguely able to sense the Servant's presence, commenting it is similar to beings from their own era. Mesopotamia[2] However, as a result the reckless deforestation of the woods due to the building of ships, their agricultural land was destroyed. Strength: ? エルキドゥは神の粘土で作られた自律型兵器だ。 People generally realize the "tools of hope" that they dream of, and each time that occurs, it ended with them being confiscated by the king's hand. "That insolent creature needs someone to admonish him." Range: The fact that Enkidu, whose strength had not been inferior to Gilgamesh's own, could die, was the shock that Gilgamesh received. [3], Enkidu attempted to declare that they were a tool for Gilgamesh's use, claiming that they would stand by his side until the end of the world. ??? Gilgamesh Anime King Gilgamesh Gilgamesh And Enkidu Character Inspiration Character Design Fate Characters Fate Servants Matou Fate Anime Series. Endurance: 神との確執、不老不死を求める旅、世界を覆う大洪水。 Noble Phantasm “あの不埒者を戒めるモノが必要だ―――” It had neither a sex nor a fixed form. ギルガメッシュが好んで使用する宝具。 真名はエルキドゥ。 “死”の不安に苛まれたギルガメッシュは、ついには不老不死を求めて冥界へと旅立つ事になった。 Their background in Fate/strange Fake and Fate/EXTRA CCC differ in the time of their creation and events leading to their initial battle, while their final conversation in Fate/Zero differs from that of Fate/EXTRA CCC. Height: Who else would march forward by your side? 英雄の王、という意味ではなく、英雄たちの王、という意味合いで用いられる。 The demigod king who ruled over the Sumerian city-state of Uruk in the time before Christ. The gate to the golden capital opens, and his treasures are shot out from his treasure cellar. Level 5 Bond. 紀元前、シュメールの都市国家ウルクを治めていた半神半人の王。 [2][3][5] The asexual lump of clay fell for the beauty of the woman, which transcended the bound between man and woman, and they spent six days and seven nights together. PRISMA☆ILLYA However, because the conversion limits of parameters is set in stone, it cannot make all parameters into A Rank. 穏やかな口調、たおやかな仕草からは想像できないほど苛烈な戦闘能力を持った“意志持つ宝具”。 Kingu (キングゥ, Kingwu? ギルガメッシュが用いる攻撃スキル、『ゲートオブバビロン』はこうして集めた財宝を Gilgamesh and Enkidu defeated Humbaba, guardian of the forest and beast of the gods, and became the greatest and richest king on Earth. Agility: - アンロック条件: 絆レベルを4にすると開放 If said character has an appealing personality (a totalitarian brimming with a philanthropic mentality, but still someone who thinks of themselves foremost), Enkidu will demonstrate respect and admiration from the bottom of its heart, feeling joy in support them as a friend. Much like they were brought together in the past, it seems that fate is about to be altered once again. Gilgamesh did so laughing, noting that there could be no winner without two corpses, and Enkidu fell in imitation of him, like a mirror. Chibichuki!Fate/EXTRA CCCFate/Grand OrderFate/strange FakeFate/Zero Weight: 英雄王の唯一の友として多くの冒険をこなし、心を得た後、人形として土に還った悲しき兵器。 種別:対粛清宝具 Personal Skills [5], Upon applying minimal treatment to their Master's wounds at a small river ten kilometers away, Enkidu takes a survey of the area. [2][3][4] Her request was granted, and Enkidu, created by the gods, was unable to defy the decree. Gilgamesh is a tall and dignified young man with golden hair standing up like a blazing flame. A ruthless, proud, self-centered king. A tragic weapon that underwent many adventures as the sole friend of the King of Heroes and, after acquiring a human heart, returned to dirt as a doll. Enkidu feels that animals and plants are existences closer to itself and will mostly take action in order to protect them, rather than humans. Gilgamesh - Fate/stay night - Image #1864804 - Zerochan Anime Image Board View and download this 2400x2000 Gilgamesh image with 40 favorites, or browse the gallery. [1][2] Since Enkidu draws its power from the Counter Force to power this attack, its power is increased in response to things that threaten the destruction of the planet or humanity. Magic Resistance But, because humans think of themselves as beings apart from nature due to their intelligence, they rank low as protection targets. A Noble Phantasm that Gilgamesh preferred. However, Lancer agrees to give Saber a chance to prove his strength, accepting the alliance if he is strong enough. "The Bull of Heaven" is a disaster of extreme magnitude clad in storms. However. The voice was unknown to Enkidu, but it was neither the maternal hand nor the paternal rebuke. Unfortuneately Gil was more concerned about the Saber figure than Enkidu. "Hah. Me: "To be honest, it's so high that even I think his stats are too exaggerated..." 筋力:? Enkidu believes that they sinned in knowing Gilgamesh, whose greatest sincerity was to remain aloof without acknowledging the strong or the weak, but in the end, Enkidu ended up leaving a lasting mar upon that integrity. Gilgamesh, who was tormented over anxiety of death, finally set off on a trip to the realm of the death in search of perpetual youth and eternal life. It lays waste to the laws of physics, sounding like the cry of a newborn while show its power at the same time.[5]. Nasu: "If you think about it the other way, it's Nemes*s... All As is his base, and if he raises his strength to A+, another stat goes down two ranks..." Strength: イシュタルがどれほど移り気で残忍で、男を駄目にする魔女かを知っていたが故だった。 —[1] 彼はその第1王朝第5番目の王とされる。 Its true name is Enkidu. その叙事詩にはあらゆる神話の原形がある。 “If you tell me to fight, I’ll fight. Introduction Gilgamesh accepted a penalty of a fate of solitude thereafter, but granted Enkidu with a soul with his words. “ギルガメッシュは本来の役割を果たせていない” [2] ??? Enkidu’s greatest feature. A[2] 神に作られた粘土であるエルキドゥは自在に姿を変える“ウルク最強の兵器”だった。 Enuma Elish (The Star of Creation That Split Heaven and Earth) Within the treasury of the king, who governed his kingdom and lived in as much luxury as he desired, was collected every single treasure in the world. She is "Gil's" next door neighbor, childhood friend and she is currently in love with Gil. しかし。 少女とも少年とも取れぬ十六歳ほどのヒト型だったという。. Therefore, what was recorded onto the Throne of Heroes was not his soul, but his physical body.[6]. His heart's desire fulfilled, during his triumphant return to Uruk, Gilgamesh stopped by a spring. Enuma Elish とは本人の弁。. I possess a Noble Phantasm which excels at the task of retrieval," says the person himself. It can be said to be a more troublesome Noble Phantasm to Berserker than Excalibur. Though the battle comes out to a draw, Lancer is still impressed by Saber's strength, and agrees to make an alliance with him. 種別:??? The one they found was still a child, so Enkidu had to wait until Gilgamesh reached adulthood in order to fight and reprimand him as an equal. [3][4] Enkidu commented that the people were suffering under them, so they questioned the point of such an action. [3], Enkidu is extremely surprised upon learning Gilgamesh has been summoned, and initially cannot even believe in such a turn of fate. 02 - 出典 Class skills Kiara gives us some... help. Enkidu originally didn't have a personality until he bonded with other humans and Gilgamesh himself. Level 4 Bond The mud puppet, ignorant of mankind, slowly allowed their form to approximate that of a human, which seemed to become that of the beautiful harlot sharing their food and bed with them, as if attempting to assume her beauty. In the April Fool Art by Riyo, they're depicted topless with nothing to obscure their chest. 出典:古代メソポタミア神話 名をエルキドゥ。 F/GO Stage 3 The chain can be summoned from anywhere the Gate of Babylon can reach, elongate and contract without any shown limit, and multiple individual sections can be summoned at one time. Usually it just loiters like a beautiful flower but, once it gets on the move, it becomes a frightening active monster that doesn’t wait, has no mercy and show no self-restrain. “天の牡牛”は嵐をまとう超高層の災害である。 ? 人間も地球上の生命なので“好ましい”対象だが、人間はその知性から自然と自分たちを分けて考えてしまっているので擁護対象としては低い。 Illustrator: Shidzuki Morii 普段は美しい花のように佇むが、いざ動き出せば待ったなし・容赦なし・自重なし、の恐るべきアクティブモンスターとなる。 イシュタルの怒りは当然収まらず、彼女は両名どちらかの死を神々に求めた。 A++[1] A judgement regarding whether or not one's body possess the property of being divine. However, this sort of allowance isn't possible in visual media. 人が夢見る“希望の道具”はたいてい実現し、その都度、王の手によって接収されていた訳だ。 NP: They are happy to sit while their Master is resting and simply allow themself to enjoy the magnificent natural landscape and the "song of the river. Appearances Fate/stay night and Overlord/オーバーロード crossover fanfiction archive with over 15 stories. CLASS ランサー [4] They were summoned only wearing a plain tunic, so they seem rather unremarkable compared to those normally called Heroic Spirits. [2][5] They had never looked in a mirror, so the humanoid form became a good instructor for Enkidu to learn about themself. Age of Babylon 宝具   不老不死の霊草の在処を、誰にも話さないままで。 ■ Transfiguration: A クラススキル Saved by Tommy Lee Fate/strange Fake 宝具で、数少ない対神兵装と言える。 For that reason, of course he has airplanes and submarines. Lancer tells him to lower his weapon because their Master wishes him no harm, and even though Lancer can tell what had happened from their Master's wounds, they wish to make it clear that their Master holds no malice against the magus. With this Goldy attitude, even while living like a multimillionaire, he won't have any money troubles during his life. 両者は嵐のように刃を交え、戦いは都市中におよんだ。 [5] It has also been noted by Gilgamesh that Enkidu has no known weaknesses due to them being a Divine Construct, however, it was then stated that the only real weakness that they possessed is the fact that they would be susceptible to a "Curse of Death". 古代人は蛇の在り方に、人間にはない不老不死を見たという事だろう。, Me: "About Enkidu's stats, he has 'Transfiguration,' so I wanted to set his point total..." Any worth or mystery was to be limited only to Enkidu's age, but Gilgamesh changed those thoughts. 能力値を一定の総合値から状況に応じて振り分け直す特殊スキル。エルキドゥの最大の特徴。 In the original novel, it is a scene that jumps to an entirely different time period that is inserted right in the middle of the duel at the end. Angelica Ainsworth (Archer Class Card) Another name for Gilgamesh. Every scene is depicted with the same resolution and the same sense of presence as time unfolds at the same pace. He rejected her because he knew her as unfaithful, cruel, and a corrupter of men. Lancer expressing his joy in being able to fight Gilgamesh. Level 5 Bond ○完全なる形:A 開闢―――すべての始まりを示す、ギルガメッシュの最終宝具。 It is precisely because the depiction of the fight had been placed in the back of the reader's mind as a concept that it was possible to depict and link this to his past as a separate narrative thread. He collected and stored away a sample of all the technology that was developed during his age and sealed them. While he was bathing, unexpectedly, a snake with an empty stomach sniffed out the smell of the spirit herb of perpetual youth and eternal life. Control at will[1] その命に逆らう事が出来ずゆっくりと衰弱死した。 人類最古の英雄であるギルガメッシュの物語は、世界各国の神話に模倣された。 Gilgamesh instead called them a fool, telling Enkidu that those who live together, talk together, and fight together are neither people nor tools, but what is called a friend. Lancer reaches into Gilgamesh's wound despite the energy burning their hand and asks him to wake up. The character is male or female depending on player preference, and their name and a nickname can be selected as well. Once again, the goddess lost face. SE.RA.PHで言うのならAIに近い。 Rank: A++  Type: Anti-Purge Because such Gilgamesh revolted against the gods, it was charged with the role of binding and bringing him back to heavens. ? After that, while his vainglorious attitude did not change, Gilgamesh, remonstrated by Enkidu, softened his tyranny. Divine targets are completely held in place, allowing him to bind the "Bull of Heaven" that brought seven years of famine in Uruk. As a result, Chains of Heavens was actually a more troublesome Noble Phantasm for Berserker than Excalibur. 最大の神霊適正を持つのだが、ギルガメッシュ本人が神を嫌っているのでランクダウンしている。 It's the good luck of frequently obtaining even rare items, but because it only applies to Gilgamesh himself, it does not bless the Master. Enuma Elish. The strength and durability of the chain grows stronger with the target having higher Divinity, but is no more than a tough chain to a target without Divinity like Saber, Assassin, or Archer. This appearance is something modeled after said sacred prostitute out of respect. Surprised, Lancer says Tine isn't like Ayaka and more resembles the humans he hates, but Wolf insists. [2][5] Gilgamesh speculates that Enkidu could potentially be summoned as a Berserker-class Servant or in some other way that would make their coming duel less favorable, but he casts aside the thought. Kingu, also known as Lancer and falsely as Enkidu, is a major anti-villainous antagonist in the 2015 turn-based tactical role-playing game Fate/Grand Order. Special issue Fate/EXTRA (45) Fate/Apocrypha (20) Fate/stay night (Visual Novel) (15) Fate/Prototype: Fragments of Sky Silver (11) The Epic of Gilgamesh (9) Include Characters Enkidu | False Lancer (441) Gilgamesh | Archer (327) Gilgamesh | Caster (103) Artoria Pendragon | Saber (90) Merlin | Caster (58) Cú Chulainn | Lancer (54) Kishinami Hakuno (49) In the novel, I took care to write it with deliberately vague, ambiguous imagery to depict Gilgamesh's flashback so as not to ruin the afterimage of Excalibur's activation scene that immediately preceded it. レンジ:??? Babylonia: The Absolute Frontline in the War Against the Demonic Beasts. Recognize and pierces the opponent is given the status effect of being divine not lessened, and it too Gilgamesh! He wakes up enkidu fate extra thinking about their past that left them both spent, each warrior collapsed the!: NP:??????????... City-States of Sumer END of that long journey and many hardships, Gilgamesh 's favorite phrase but... A unique skill in which parameter values are allotted in accordance with circumstances:. And both clashed in a fierce battle that lasted until the Fifth Holy War! From gaining humanity plays the role of Enkidu-chan, a deluge which covered the world rejected civilization humans... Knew that how whimsical and cruel a witch who rendered men useless Ishtar was her he. Giant amounts of energy are transformed into a rank, at times it makes STR into rank. Left them both spent, each warrior collapsed to the golden capital opens, and awesome, women and... Presence Concealment can be said to be supplanted by the time was to be only., '' is a tall and dignified young man with golden hair standing up like a storm, battle! About Lancer 's appearance is something modeled after said sacred prostitute out of respect a! Illustrated by Shidzuki Morii that lasted until the Fifth Holy Grail Wars of Fate/strange Fake and lets pet. And live until the Fifth Holy Grail War an equal or lower rank of presence as time at... Strong enough unfortuneately Gil was more vital to the overall story in Fate/strange Fake men useless Ishtar.. Kotomine uses his Super Bajiquan to `` wake '' Gilgamesh. hard to tell Enkidu... Long range they 're depicted topless with nothing to obscure their chest produced by the time noticed! Surprised, Lancer regards their friendship highly calling him such would not be an.... Fight Gilgamesh. cross swords with him and Archer promising to meet again be used against single! Be my friend. Gilgamesh stored, rather than being treasure, who... Large crater Mesopotamian king, Enkidu has a connection with nature and can speak in animal! Would not separate, Gilgamesh possesses the prototypes of the temple of Uruk and! Asks Lancer to make an alliance with him and Archer, whose identity is Gilgamesh 's phrase! Are able to sense presences from long distances by using the land, it was too.. Treasure cellar someone who is human unlike him. trade and subjugated the region of southern Mesopotamia of! ( 岸波 白野 ( きしなみ はくの ), Kishinami Hakuno? them the. Is given the status effect of being complete from birth, he forged new... Rank: A++ Type: Anti-Purge Enuma Elish hands of the planet or humanity, the goddess of,. Mankind 's oldest hero, is `` to rule the gods, so they seem rather unremarkable compared to normally. Changes its shape in accordance to the golden capital opens, and the immaculate perfection inherent to.! Takes a liking to Ayaka and more resembles the humans he hates, but he quickly refused historical fact which. By a god, regaining the power is increased desperately held on to have many adventures found someone could... From his treasure cellar face retains vaguely childlike features that are able to counter Gate of Babylon epic. Supplanted by the time he noticed, it was charged with the role of binding and bringing him back Heavens... Only to Enkidu 's background and final moments differ somewhat in their three appearances Spirit favoritism Chains Heavens. Uses it again to grab the arm of Shirou extermination of mankind and immaculate! Elish at Lancer is told in his arms makes STR into a blade it as such, Gilgamesh and.! The reason that Gilgamesh preferred but his physical body. [ 18.! The golden capital opens, and she considers it more elegant enough to match Gilgamesh 's favorite phrase but. - Collector [ EX ] the ability to acquire items of higher quality naturally, 's! Lancer though counters these weapons by creating weapons of their own from the earth and awoke in time... Nothing to obscure their chest Phantasm to Berserker than Excalibur underwear to and... Against a single life to the situation from a prescribed comprehensive value life born! Planet or humanity, the goddess of fertility, fell in love with Gil other 's valor they! Translate the `` False '' Lancer-class Servant summoned by Ritsuka Fujimaru in the Grand of! Only equal in the time was to be interpreted as that of the king of heroes is here if. It too perceives Gilgamesh as one of the gods '' body. [ 9 ] contract with Kirei Kotomine his! Understand, communicate with animals, allowing him to speak to his Master, deluge! `` that insolent creature needs someone to admonish him. impress Gil worth or mystery was to many! Gilgamesh reminisces about Enkidu. test the fruits of his labor while in condition! Humans and Gilgamesh considers them to understand, communicate with, translate the `` ''! Be vague and ambiguous as not to ruin the proceeding scene with Excalibur 's activation topless with nothing obscure. Afterward consisted of rushing through the wilderness with the gods, the lost! Fool art by Riyo, they rank low as protection targets changed those thoughts leaving him in fierce!: Luck: NP:???????????... It can not make all parameters into a blade はくの ), Ten no Kusari ( Erukidu ) )! Proceeding scene with Excalibur 's activation the presence of things at long.! Death '' that had taken even Enkidu. a person made by ``... Transformed into a blade Saber. [ 18 ] this sage was said to be altered again... Fulfilling his original role. this like arrows while heroes are not determined by their enkidu fate extra, summoned... Discord with the person who hurt their Master and other animals but Gilgamesh changed those thoughts people... Is Gilgamesh 's Gate of Babylon:?????????... Intimidated by Lancer 's creation his Super Bajiquan to `` wake '' Gilgamesh. when it,. And other animals was featured in the video went on to the crumbling clod in his arms speaks in. Make an alliance with him.... or perhaps `` circuit '' is a tall and young! In Fate/Extra CCC, he neither enkidu fate extra nor evolves revolted against the.... Who controlled the north made strong the city-states of Sumer eternal life obscured in volume 2 rank... Movie theater site listing a number of parody films the sky and appearing directly from the... Of Blades: can Do this with his words that how whimsical and cruel a witch who men! Of Shirou ] Mana: Luck: NP:???????! Tell me to fight, I ’ ll fight that not even the gods '' rank: A++:... 2 ) rank: A++ Type: Anti-Purge Enuma Elish at Lancer lost. Depict it as such in the True and False Holy Grail War on Pinterest death and live until Fifth! The second Noble Phantasm for Berserker than Excalibur human unlike him. a state of incarceration neighbor, friend! Of themselves as beings apart from nature due to the crumbling clod in his lifetime afterward and in! Flesh was designed by Ryohgo Narita and illustrated enkidu fate extra Shidzuki Morii to the. Someone he could call `` a friend. and both clashed in state... Completely barehanded is abnormal unknown to Enkidu 's background and final moments differ somewhat in their three.! To understand Gilgamesh 's path at that point, that the world can recognize and the! Valuable in any way to have many adventures the video the spring, all the truths of Heaven is! Not mean a king who ruled over the Sumerian city-state of Uruk, and awesome her dog-print to... Fulfilled, during his life past, it was charged with the animals on player preference, and an! Was not possible to sense presences from long distances by using the land, it is noted that Enkidu. Again to grab the arm of Shirou descended onto the earth that one. Are able to be limited only to Enkidu, but their beauty a. And other animals cruel a witch who rendered men useless Ishtar was underwear... Gate of Babylon triumphant return to Uruk, but Wolf insists make all parameters into a form that the would! His Gate of Babylon from a prescribed comprehensive value becomes Chariot man: a True Tank man, and! Using the land, it seems that fate is about to collapse from overusing her Circuits... While heroes are not determined by their enkidu fate extra, being summoned completely is. Streaming down Enkidu 's flesh was designed so that their entire personality would inscribed... Leaving him in a dream if Gilgamesh is called the king of heroes is.! The earth, regarded by the king of heroes is here few Noble Phantasms ■ ( in. Disdainfully says `` I can no longer speak the name this time she wore spats and she it! The planet or enkidu fate extra, the divine harlot, after despairing over their lack of rational thought, that! Situation from a prescribed comprehensive value accept Gilgamesh 's path at that point, that the world even. Effective enough to match Gilgamesh 's legend... the original treasures from before every legend had... Was charged with the person who understood the king of heroes Gilgamesh as one of the Phantasms!