Cut the hardest and most woody central part with a sharp knife, but without detaching it completely. How to Peel and Core a Pineapple - YouTub . So first, we're gonna cut off the crown and we're gonna cut the base off as well. Following detailed are some of the easiest methods to core a pineapple without a corer. 2. How to clean pineapple? Slice all the skin off the sides from top to bottom, leaving as much inner flesh as possible. Cut them into the type of pieces you want. Now you will see that the tough core of the pineapple is in the center and about the circumference of a quarter.To access it, cut the pineapple in fourths from the top to the bottom. There’s more than one way to slice a pineapple … or you could just peel it. Tools: Pineapple corer and/or sharp knife, large spoon Step 1: Lay the pineapple on its side. To peel the pineapple you will need a long knife. All you need is an end-grain cutting board and the right knife to do so. Anyway, I got a pineapple recently so I had to peel it without any fancy gadget to help. When shopping, choose a pineapple that has firm, gold to brown skin (not too green) with green, loose leaves (not brown or wilted). Continue to peel the pineapple, taking off two to three-inch-wide pieces of the skin, being sure to cut deep enough to see only the yellow flesh. 1.Take 2 thick slices of watermelon, and use your favorite cookie mold to make your favorite shaped watermelon slices 2.Fill a skewer with grapes and attach your watermelon shape on top to make a wonderful watermelon wand! Twitter users were going wild for videos of pineapples being ''peeled,'' though not everyone has been able to recreate it. the peel, or should I say crust, is thick, hard and anything but smooth ; the juice is very acidic, which means that . In the videos, slices of pineapple are carefully peeled from the edge and broken off without a knife. Toss the leaves and top of the pineapple. How to Core a Pineapple into Rings: First of all cut the upper and lower part of pineapple with a knife and then place the base side downward. Specialized pineapple cutters are easily available out there, which make the process much easier and faster, but if you don’t have one, or if yours is not working, then here at OneHowTo , we will tell you how to cut a pineapple without a pineapple cutter. It's very simple and takes just a few minutes. Peel the pineapple by the method mentioned above. Don't cut too deep, and don't try to get too many at a time. Learn how to cut a pineapple the easy way for a simple pull-apart pineapple – using the ‘peeling pineapple’ hack. Cut a small slice off the stem and blossom ends of the kiwi with a paring knife so it's flat on the top and bottom. In a trend going viral on social media, people are sharing videos of themselves eating pineapple in an unconventional way. saves a little bit more fruit. Stand the pineapple up on one end and use the same sawing action to cut off the skin from top to bottom. It's actually very messy. Repeat all the way around the pineapple until all the skin has been removed. (See Hawaiian Crown and Dole articles on this. A video of someone pulling perfect chunks of pineapple out of the rind without using a knife recently went viral. You can always use a melon baller to make quick work of peeling out the eyes. Cut the fruit away from the core. It is also known as the “Easy Peeler” because it can be eaten by cutting the pineapple in half or into quarters, then pulling apart the fruitlets one by one, without having to peel. Now, I don’t know about you, but when I peel a pineapple I’d be patiently using the knife to dig out the remaining eyes on it. It is a simple way to cut pineapple into ring shape slices. This fruit is used in many cuisines around the world in salads, desserts, main dishes, with fish or meat. ). Now cut the fruit into rings of desired thickness. 2019-03-07T15:59:00Z The letter F. An envelope. Stand the pineapple on its bottom and slice away the rind in large strips, cutting deeply enough to remove the brown eyes without losing too much fruit. Then start at the top and move down in a diagonal circular pattern, cutting in on both sides to remove the eyes. More precisely, almost without a knife – you must first cut off the top with green leaves. Then peel or remove the skin of pineapple with a sharp knife. It may be hard to believe, but pineapples are made up of berries, indicated by those spiky pieces. There's more than one way to slice a pineapple ... or you could just peel it. Using a sharp knife, cut the leaves from the pineapple together with a piece of the top - … Again, do not cut the peel and the tuft, but only the base. Remove any straggling brown pieces with the tip of your knife. Some people find it a pain to peel. Now, a viral video on social media shows how easy it is to eat pineapple with this little trick; and this does not even need a knife to cut or peel. Lay the pineapple on one side and use your hand to secure it in place. You don't have as much waste when you're peeling the outside of the pineapple. Step 3. The ripe pineapple smells very tasty, the smell reminds of ripe Uzbek melon. Color does not play a significant role in the selection of ripe fruit, as it can retain its green color even when ripe. Pineapple is tastiest and most nutritious when eaten fresh, but peeling and cutting it is not as simple as doing that with most other fruits. In the videos, slices of pineapple are carefully peeled from the edge and broken off without a knife. Another thing to remember is the type of knife … Cut the fruit in half first, then into four wedges. 4. Make sure you know how to treat a cutting board right. All you need is a sharp knife and a ripe pineapple and away you go! A pineapple has two features that make it somewhat hard to peel: . You can do it with your bare hands. Quarter the pineapple lengthwise, and once again, run the knife through the flesh of the fruit, about one-fourth inch from the core. The pineapple served in the shape of a swan creates an even more scenic effect and preparing it is very simple. Apparently, there is a way to eat a pineapple without using a knife. In these videos, rather than cut the fruit with a knife, people pull at the exterior of the pineapple to reveal a bite-sized serving.